Monday, February 19, 2018
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The Southwestern Rendezvous Committee met to review what we have been offered by our hosts and make a final decision.

Every person on the call had received detailed information from me Monday evening so that they could review it and be able to ask questions and make decisions.

The end result is that we will have to cancel the event this year. There simply is not enough time left on the calendar to overcome several issues.


Just a few of them, we just yesterday got word of where we would be able to operate. While the key issue of housing was covered by that word. What was not included was food, pool and other necessary facilities. Those conversations would be started tomorrow and likely some of them might take more time to resolve, specifically Chow Hall use.

The facility offered is Area 64, Camp Talega at the North end of Camp Pendleton. We operated there two years ago and it presented some significant transportation issues.

Another major issue is that for the last few years we have asked for help with setup and have received very little responses. This means that the equipment team has had to handle the set up with a much smaller force than necessary.

What you all can do to help us overcome issues like this in the future? If you are an adult you can volunteer to help organize Rendezvous. It does not take a great deal of time during the year.

Over the next short weeks I will provide more information about how you can help Rendezvous continue well past its 80th year.

I know that I speak for all of the committee members in saying that we are disappointed that we have let you all down and will miss sharing this special time with you all. We will work hard to add persons to our team to avoid this from happening again.