Sunday, December 17, 2017
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This event will be conducted as a relay. On a signal from the judge, the first ascending team member will tie a French Bowline around him/herself, with or without the help of the next team member. With the help of the second team member, the first will be hoisted by means of a single block until he/she can touch a mark 20' above the deck. The team member will then be lowered slowly and carefully, and will return to his/her position in the team. As soon as the descending team member is free of the line, the next ascending team member will tie their French Bowline at the same end of the line as the last team member. Because the descent will not be timed, each team member should descend slowly, and in a controlled manner. The relay will continue until all six team members have completed their ascent/descent. The sixth person may be assisted by the cox'n, who otherwise does not participate (in a team of 7), or by the first person (in a team of 6). Time will be started when the first team member touches the line. While descent will not be timed, once the team member has both feet securely on the ground, time will continue. Time will stop when the entire team is lined up and the cox'n calls them to attention.


The French Bowline must be safely tied around the member who is to ascend, with a minimum of a 6-inch bitter end (the rope is marked by whipping) so as not to slip. The judge will have the final say as to whether the knot is safely tied, and may require the knot to be retied (while the clock is running), if necessary. If the knot becomes loose or unsafe during ascent, the person must immediately descend and retie the knot correctly (while the clock is running). Failure to do this will result in disqualification of the entire team. The knot shall not be untied until the descending team member has both feet securely on the ground. Each team member may use any method of tying the French Bowline, as long as the final knot is correct.


Disqualification of the entire team will result if the ascending team member slips from the chair, climbs the line to reach the top mark in the event that the line becomes fouled or jammed, or is allowed to fall unsafely during a descent.


All participants must wear safety goggles.