Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Your team will be responsible for building a craft of the materials provided. The team must test their craft in the water by propelling it through a watercourse. At least one team member must be on the craft at all times while the craft is in/on the water. No team members may be in the water, EXCEPT when repairs are being made or the pilot needs assistance back onto the craft. Your team is required to use at least one piece of each type of "gear" to make your boat:

- One piece of Plywood

- One inner tube

- One piece of 2x4 and/or 2x6 board - any length

- One piece of line

To create your fine sea worthy craft, use at least these 4 materials built in any manner chosen by the team. A minimum of one (1) paddle is REQUIRED and is not considered part of the craft. None of the materials should be altered in any way. All “gear” for the craft must be securely fastened together so that no piece drags or gets towed behind.

When the craft is finished, pick it up (do not drag) and place it into the water, hoping it floats. Board your craft and propel it to the other side of the course. The craft can only be propelled from itself and NOT from the shore or have any help from the shore. Only the REQUIRED paddle(s) can be used to propel the craft.

If a piece falls off of your creation or your pilot falls off, you must immediately get to the side of the course, repair your future submarine or re-embark the craft and continue.

Time will not stop while repairs are being made. All other crew members must follow along the side of the course to help with any repairs needed to your navigational hazard. Once your team makes it to the end of the course, the entire team shall pick up your floating science project and place it on the deck. Time will stop when all of your craft is out of the water and the entire team is at attention next to your "Pride of the Fleet".

The design of the craft must be the same at the end of the course as when it started.

After time stops and the judge has dismissed you from attention. You carefully take your craft apart and return all gear to the starting point.