Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Two three-member teams will each be provided with the International Code of Signals book and a set of international code flags. Each team will be stationed at one of two flag hoist sites, which will be separated enough that conversations amongst one team cannot be overheard by the other. Each team will be given two messages to code and hoist, and will receive and decode the two messages hoisted by the other team.


At the judge's signal, the first team will code and hoist its first message. After the receiving team acknowledges the successful receipt of the message with the Romeo flag or answering pennant, the sending team will lower its first message, and hoist its second message. After the receiving team signals the receipt of the second message, the first team will lower their hoist. After all flags have been lowered by the first team, the second team will send its two messages using the same procedures. Timing will start at the judge's signal, when both teams will simultaneously be given their messages, and will stop when all flags have been lowered after the final message and answer sheets are handed to the judge and all gear is neatly stowed in the correct pockets. Crew will be allowed to inspect equipment prior to event start.


A 2 minute penalty will be added for each incorrect message.

A 1 minute penalty will be added for each procedural error, including:

  1.         Improper signal acknowledgement
  2.           Failure to wait for signal acknowledgement
  3.           Failure to put gear away and/or properly
  4.           Talking between teams