Sunday, December 17, 2017
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The event will consist of six individual projects. Each team member will complete one of the following eight projects (chosen by random draw) as his/her part of the event:

  1. Eye Splice
  2. Short Splice.
  3. Back Splice
  4. Rope Grommet
  5. Needle Whip end of line
  6. Sew 4" of Flat Seam
  7. Sew 4" of Round Seam
  8. Worked (Sewn) Grommet


Splices require three full tucks with no skips or jumps, and may be tapered.


The rope grommet requires an overhand knot and three tucks, which may be single or half-thread tucks.

Whippings must be standard palm-and-needle type, and must have three locking stitches.

Seams should be started and ended using backstitches.

The worked (sewn) grommet must cover the inside of the ring and stitches must be far enough from the outside of the ring to prevent the grommet from pulling out of the fabric.

Projects will be judged on correctness and functionality, and each project has a maximum score of 20 points.