Sunday, December 17, 2017
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The drill routine will be performed within a 50'x 80' area. The cox'n will first report without the crew. The event starts with the command "fall in" or “at close arm interval fall in” and stops with the command "fall out," at which point the crew leaves the drill pad and rejoins the rest of their ship and awaits their next command. The cox'n will then report again to the judge to complete the event.


The cox'n shall march separate from the crew in the unit leader position. The required commands may be done in any sequence. The maneuvers may be repeated, however, each time a maneuver is repeated it is subject to scoring and the lowest score for each maneuver will be used in final scoring.


It is recommended that the crews “fall in” in two (2) ranks. Approximately 5 seconds must be allowed between standing commands, and a minimum of 4 steps must be allowed between all moving commands, in order to give the judges a chance to score the maneuvers. There will be at least two judges. Each judge will score the event separately, and judges' scores will be averaged.

No rifles, swords, weapons or simulated weapons will be allowed.