Sunday, December 17, 2017
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At each event that the ship participates, the judge will award the ship between 1 and 10 points. 10 points is perfect conduct; 1 point is extremely poor conduct.

The following scoring criteria will be used, for a total of 10 points:

1 pt.   Unit reports to event properly, salutes, states ship name and Rendezvous number, has event card ready and is polite.

2 pts. Unit remains polite and orderly, follows judge's directions, does not talk or cheer, except as allowed by the event.

2 pts. Unit demonstrates good sportsmanship, works together as a team, and helps the weaker members of the team. Unit does not use smart remarks or profanity.

1 pt.   Unit requests permission to leave using proper customs-salutes, uses Sir or Ma'am when addressing judge, etc.

4 pts. BONUS-to be awarded at judge's discretion for exceptional conduct.

Throughout the Rendezvous, Area Judges and roving judges will submit recommendations for conduct points, based upon their observations of the conduct of the unit and leadership abilities of the bos'n at anytime or anyplace during Rendezvous.

Be on your toes all the time-you never know who is watching!

All points will be totaled and averaged over the number of events completed, and converted to a percentage. The Leadership and Conduct Award will be given to the ship with the highest score.