Sunday, December 17, 2017
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A large canvas will have 32 marks painted around a circle to indicate points. A marker placed on one of the marks at random will indicate North. Inside the circle will be an outline of a boat. The bow of the boat may point in any direction, not necessarily North.


In the center of the circle will be a box with 64 cards, representing the 32 points of the compass and 32 relative bearing points. The cards will be thoroughly mixed by the judge prior to each ship proceeding with the event.


Ship members form a single-file line and stand at attention while waiting their turn. At the judge's signal, the first member takes two cards from the box, places them in their proper position, and returns to the end of the line. Each member has 45 seconds to place the two cards, starting when the cards are picked up. The judge, if requested by the crew, may give a 10-second warning. At the end of 45 seconds, any unplaced cards in the member's possession must be handed to the judge and will be counted as incorrect. The next member in line repeats the same process until all the cards are used. Cards may only be moved by the person by whom they were originally placed and only within the original 45-second period.