Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Equipment will consist of line of the type and quantity suitable to tie each particular knot or hitch required. A time limit of 2 minutes, 30 seconds (2:30) will be allowed, and up to eight crewmembers can compete simultaneously. The clove hitch, timber hitch, and two half hitches must be tied around the rail.

The 10 required knots are as follows:

1.Bowline (inside, left or right-handed)

2.Bowline on a Bight

3.Cleat Hitch (tied to a cleat; bitter end must be on opposite side of cleat as load end).

4.Clove Hitch

5.Figure Eight Knot

6.Overhand Knot

7.Sheet Bend (ends of both lines must be on same side of knot and bight must be in the larger line)

8.Square Knot

9.Timber Hitch (must be tied following the lay of the line)

10. Two Half Hitches