Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Equipment will be a standard ring buoy with outside lines attached. The line attached to the buoy will be 3/8" polypropylene, 50' in length. The target will be 6' across, with a simulated head, painted red, in its center. The target will be located 30' from the throw line at the edge of the pool. Throw will be from the approximate water level position. There will be no rail to throw over.


A throw is considered successful if:

1.The ring buoy lands beyond the target, with line across the target or positioned so that thrower can pull the buoy to touch the target without moving from the throwing position.

2.The ring buoy or line hits a cross-bar (arm) of target, or lands in the area encompassed by the arms of the target.

3.Ring buoy or line lands near target but floats into and touches target within 10 seconds.